Spyros Ioakeimidis
Spyros Ioakeimidis

Spyros is working as a software engineer in Paylogic. He is a firm believer of the idea that software engineering is not just a craftsmanship, which has something to do with computers. Software engineering is about collaboration and communication between groups of people to solve real-life problems by using innovative technologies. That is why he enjoys doing it. Besides computers though, Spyros likes to go out with friends, watch movies, play piano, do improv comedy, and study and learn about new technologies.

Feel free to contact Spyros by sending an email to: spyros.ioakeimidis@paylogic.eu. If what you read so far seems interesting, you can read more about Spyros in his linkedin profile and personal site.


  • Traduki

    Published on Mon 27 October 2014 - Posted in Open Source

    Internationalization made easy with the help of SQLAlchemy.

  • Settei

    Published on Tue 29 April 2014 - Posted in Open source

    Settings configuration system based on entry points of setuptools.

  • Prefill Registration Data

    Published on Mon 02 December 2013 - Posted in Integration

    How to integrate with the prefill registration feature.

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